Components and Groups

I have a sketch up model containing the masonry work for a job we are currently bidding work on. The file contains multiple walls built of masonry units. Each masonry unit is a group on its own. When built originally the walls were created by making an array of that group and copying and pasting over how ever many feet. Now my question is for file reduction purposes is it possible to make all of those masonry units that are groups to become all the same component without having to go in and model the whole building with the new component, or changing each group one at a time to become that component. So is it possible to make 1000 different groups belong and become one component?

There’s a plug in for that: to change groups of the same object into component. I think it’s called Component Replacer, you should be able to find it in the Extension Warehouse.

Thomthoms selection toys have a tool for this too.