I Exploded some Components, can I change them back?

Hi there guys…

I’m pretty new to SketchUp. I’m currently trying to model a wall to extend my back garden. I created a component of a brick and used these to construct my wall. I had some problems with my layers and in trying to fix that issue, I exploded the brick components of my brick wall. :cry:

I now no longer have a component count in statistics and want to know if it is possible to change these exploded bricks back to individual components - without going through the tedious process of selecting each individual brick??

Over to you guys, hope you can help me out here. Cheers.

Why did you explode them? there’s rarely a time when you need to explode components to fix or change them.

If the geometry of your bricks don’t touch each other, you could use Chris Fullmer’s Loose to Groups extension to convert them into groups. There’s an issue with the Extension Warehouse right now so it’ll require a little patience until it’s fixed.

I’m an extreme novice. Unaware of how to rectify certain issues I encounter and didn’t fully understand the consequences of Exploding. I’ve taken a quick look at the link you’ve provided, it looks like just the ticket. I’ll give it a go. Thanks for your help. :+1:

The plugin works fine, but the suggested changes don´t !

Instead of “group” the objects are now named “component”, but that´s all.
The behavior is not like components.

Akeel R
is there another plugin that turn loose geometry into components?
Chris Fullmer
I’m not sure. You can edit this one to do that though fairly easily. I give permission to make this edit. Navigate to the Plugins folder and find the clf_loose_to_groups folder. Inside that folder, open the clf_loose_to_groups_data.rb file in a text editor. Down on line 52 (about 8 lines from the bottom) add a line and put this text in:


So in context, it should look like this:

 group = @entities.add_group(to_group)



That will take the group that is created and turn it into a component. Hope that helps!

The bricks don’t look the same, are you sure that they all were exploded from the same definition? (If the groups are equal, they can be converted to component copies with Thomthoms selection toys…)

Correct, they aren’t all the same. They started life the same but I made a ‘unique’ brick to allow me to build the wall within the confines of a 300mm concrete block (which these sit upon). It was only following several additions of subsequent layers that I encountered/noticed a layering issue with these bricks. I had an issue where the surface of the brick was in a different layer. I tried different ways to resolve and achieved a common layer after exploding. It was only then sometime afterwards that I found the issue with component count. At which point, my cry for help went out. :weary:

At which point, my cry for help went out. :weary:

That´s what You did, but what are You going to do ?

I wonder why our experts (for example Chris Fullmer) prefer to hope than to help.