How to undo a component

Newbie here.
Drew cabinet.
Started playing with it and it seems I’ve made it a component.
Can’t add to it .
If I try to erase some part of it the whole thing disappears.

Double-click to enter into the entities context of a component or group.

Click on whitespace to back out.

You can rightclick and choose explode to get loose geometry again or doubleclick… OK Dan was faster.


Works like a charm.
Thank you both.

My question again, if I exploded it and decide I want it to be component again. What can I do to get it back besides Ctrl + Z?

Select the geometry and create a new component.

If you want to go back to the original component, delete what you’ve got in the model and drag a new instance out from the Components panel to replace it.

What about the copies? How do i make the new component a part of the copies of components?

To copy, select your component, bring up the move tool (M shortcut), push ctrl. This will now copy (and create second instance of) component. If you don’t want them to be always identical, right click on one and choose Make unique.