Multiple, Unique components?


Hello, New to SketchUp (love it) and have read through the entire “For dummies” book but I’m still having some trouble understanding things.

I have an extrusion that i designed that I’m building things with and i made it a component so i grab and make a new length over and over but as of now for each new piece I have to
make unique
pull to desired length
make group

for each piece, is there a way to pull it from the component tray and have it be unique, and exploded?

Thanks for the help


You’re getting the cart in front of the horse. If it’s a component, there’s no need to explode it. Simply open it for editing (right click menu, choose Edit Component.) and make the changes. If you need to make another one different, make a copy (no need to bring a copy in from the Components window) , make it unique and the open it for editing and make the change.

You can also double click on a component or group to open it for editing. Click outside the component or group to close it.

Out of curiosity, what is it you are drawing that involves all this component insertion and modification?


Thanks for the help

Right now I’m designing the frame for a desk using material from a company called Framing tech.

its basically a 2"x2" square tube that you can cut to length and bolt together (its pretty cool stuff)

but for example i need 6 pieces 27" long, 2@72", 4@ 18.5" ect ect ect.


You could try using the Scale tool to make different lengths if you don’t need to do anthying else in the new item.


I think you should be using components instead of making groups. Check your private messages in a few minutes.


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