I have 2 items as a component, I now need to make changes on only 1 item, how?

I have made a component, used twice in my drawing. I now find I must make a unique change in 1 of the 2 items made as a component… Should I “explode” the component, then make them 2 groups? I noticed there is a “make unique” option when you select, then right click… What is that for? Thank you all…

Yes make unique is as it says and the method or tool to use

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Im kinda new and dense, please bear with me. Are you saying…select the component, right click, then click on “make unique”…then make the change on that 1 item only? If so, are these 2 items still a component? So any future edit on the component will still affect all component items?

Generally you should find little need to explode components after they’ve been created.

After you use Make Unique, you will have two separate component definitions. You can then modify each one independently from the other. Once you’ve used Make Unique, they are unrelated so no future edits to one will be reflected in the other. If you still have things you wish to do to both of them, refrain from using Make Unique until they have to start getting different treatment.

Each one will be a component but they will have different definitions.

No. Future edits on one will not be reflected in the other. If you still have things you want to have the same in both component instances, do those before you need to make them unique.

If you need further clarification, please attach the SketchUp file so we can see what you are doing and make an example for you.

WOW!! You guys are GREAT! It works just like everyone said, I learned a new handy tip, & I see…You should make all identical aspects of each component complete, then simply use the “make unique” option where needed. You all have saved me many hours (dayz?) of frustration, Thanks Again. soooooo, what would be a case where you would use the “explode” option?

I tend to think of that sort of stuff like a production shop where you keep parts in the same process flow as long as possible and only separate them when you get to the point where some need to be different from others.

Creating a component or group is like putting a wrapper around the selection set. Exploding is taking the wrapper off and throwing it away. Editing is opening the wrapper temporarily and then closing it up when you are finished.

At least in my workflow I rarely ever explode components once I make them. The usual case for me is exploding a nested component. (A component that contains other components–think individually wrapped chocolates in a box.) I might discard the box but leave the chocolates in their individual wrappers.

There are situations where you might explode a component so you can add its geometry to another component. Generally though, you want to avoid leaving loose, unwrapped geometry in the model.

One further note on Make Unique: Suppose you have four instances of a component and two of them need one modification while the other two don’t. Select two of the component instances and make them unique. They will remain related to each other but be separated from the other pair.

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makes sense, thanks

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