Creating and working with components?

Not sure if I’m understanding how to use the power of components just yet.

This is how I’m currently thinking of components.

I draw a 6 ft 1x6 (3/4"x5 3/4") board and make it a component.

From then on if I ever want a 6 ft 1x6 to work with I can simply drag out as many as I want from the folder I saved it in.

But if I want to make any changes to that 1x6 board I need to “Exploded” it first?
Otherwise any changes I make to a component without exploding it first ends up changing the component I have save?

Once I explode a component it is no longer a component, so if I wish to save any changes I make to my 1x6 board I can make it a component again, meaning making it a new component?

Does it sound like I’m understanding the basics of how to use a component?

Not really.

Editing the component would change all instances of it in the model but it wouldn’t change a copy saved in another library. There’s also a Make Unique option if you want to modify one or more copies without modifying them all.

You should rarely need to explode a component.

Maybe we should talk.

Sounds good to me. :slight_smile:

Check your PMs now. :slight_smile:

Thanks for another great lesson Dave. It’s a real pleasure to have you teach me how-to with SketchUp.

Now to practice what you taught me, thanks!

Thank you! Get to work. :smiley: