Outliner and components

Not sure if you guys use outliner, but i do and i love it. I just discovered it via a youtuber named Austin who runs a sketchup essentials channel. Makes things all nice and neat and organized. Ok, so here is my question. It is regarding more about components than that of the outliner.

Ok, i love components and groups. they make life easier when it comes to any type of cnc work such as 3d printing. But one thing i do not know any info about yet is how to unlink or link compoents together. What do i mean?

Lets say i have 1 component and i copy it 4 times. I want to edit it one of them and it will make changes in all 4, but what if i want it to only make changes in two or three of those components? how does one accomplish this? Is this something done via the outliner?


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Right click on the component → Make Unique

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You can use the Outliner but I prefer to select the components in the model window to make them unique. You can “Shift Select” several at once and make them all unique into the same Component Definition. I have the keyboard shortcut “U” assigned to avoid the Context Menu way, I find it much easier.
While you can Undo if you get it wrong, be cautious about the selection you make to be made unique to avoid mishaps further along.

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really, thats it? ok, thats cool. i feel kind of dumb because i just realized i could have PM’d someone about this rather than a discussion. Oh, and i could have right clicked my self and been all amazed to see the word UNIQUE. I probably would have figured it out. Thank you though for helping me with this question. Sometimes i feel like learning SU is like my math classes. You learn in Diff eq about solving crazy matrices with calculus and then all of a sudden the professor asks you what is 5 multiplied by 4 and we all panic!!!

Is there a reason why i would want to make a group vs a component besides the fact that componets mirrior edits?

Both are solids and can be used with solid tools.

I assume make uniques is only available if more than one of that specific component is placed? IE, if i have just one component, make unique is pretty pointless and wont be available?


That’s right, yes.

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You’re fine. Asking questions is smart because you’re increasing your knowledge. Groups are good for separating geometry. Components are great for making copies of something. If you don’t want to copy something, then grouping would be a better option than making it a component. During the modeling process, there are instances where you just need to group to separate the geometry, but wouldn’t necessarily need a copy of the grouped geometry.

Ok, that makes sense. groups is great at keeping objects organized and separate from other objects you dont want the faces to mix.

This is all begining to come together. I cant believe a few months ago i was like “groups? components? who needs them? just draw stuff” Yeah that failed the first 3d print with in minutes haha.

from the video, i take it that the bowls in the group and components are nested into one big group? so each bowl is its own group/component, then all 5 are grouped into one group or component?

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I’m pretty sure the bowls are just a stack of components in the video, but grouping them would make moving the stack easier.

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