A novice using SketchUp & Outliner

Just wondering if items I have created in Outliner in one design can be ‘shared’ in another new design - especially if it is a component you want to use over and over. How do you import the same Outliner list/components into a new design?
Thank you.

I’m not sure you have a good handle of what Outliner is. It’s probably easiest to think of it as a textual representation of the components and groups in your model. If you want to see the same set of groups and components in another SKP file, Select them from either the model space or the Outliner. Choose Edit>Copy. Then go to the other SketchUp file and use Edit>Paste in Place to paste the stuff from the clipboard.

Edit: If the things you’ve created are components, you could create a library for them and then import them into other SketchUp files whenever you need them. This is useful for things like doors, windows, and appliances or, in my work, door pulls, hinges, screws, etc.

you can tell i’m new! thanks a lot I will try this.

Good luck. It all comes with time.

yeah i get that - but it all feels a long way off right now.
The items I created are ‘grouped’, so ‘components’ right? They appeared un-named in the Outliner menu so I figured by naming them they would remain useful for ever…but now I need to transfer them into new designs. I will follow you advice.

I know. But still…

Yes, if you make them components with names they can be useful forever. Or at least a long time. Have them all named “group” is a bit like all the players on both baseball teams named “Billy”. It makes the announcer’s job easy but it makes it hard to figure out what’s going on. “Billy is at the plat. Billy winds up and delivers a fast ball. Billy swings and connects! The ball is headed for deep left field. Billy and Billy are both sprinting for the back wall. Billy jumps up and makes the catch and Billy is out!” :smiley:

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get your drift Billy - found a u-tube tutorial - gonna un-group and make components in a library - as you suggested.
thank you and have a great day!

“Who’s on first base.”

BTW you can r-click on a component and “save as” for later use.