Using the OUTLINER to manage GROUPS and COMPONENTS

I am attempting to utilize the Outliner to manage the Groups and Components in my modeling of the miniature houses that I’m working on to get ready for reproducing them using 3D printing.
What is happening is that as I Group items in the model, the Outliner lists the several Groups. But when I develop Components, they do not show up in the outliner. The strange thing is that I’ve only had this problem recently because it worked before…it’s almost like I turned something off that I didn’t mean to.
I’d like some advice on how to get this back to working again.

Can you post a model where this is happening?

You must have unticked the box bottom left of the make component window that says, replace selected…
Tick it and they will appear in the outliner.


I checked the Make Component window and the replace selected box was not checked, so I checked it and, I’ll be darned, IT WORKED !! Thanks for the tip !!

I’m still modeling miniature houses, and I am modeling each of the several parts of each house in a separate file. I accidently got the cart before the horse on one of the files by modeling a component for the front wall of the house I’m working on, in the file for the back wall. :woozy_face:. The question is, then, how do I remove the component from the back wall file and place it in the front wall file (which I haven’t started as yet)?

Assuming you want the separate files to be registered to a common Origin location, you would select the component, Edit/Cut, then File/New to start the front wall file, and Edit/Paste in Place, to insert the component in exactly the right location.

Later on you could purge unused components from the back wall file, to clear out the now unused component.

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