If I download a model, copy (Cmd-C) a group(?) and delete the model all the copied groups are deleted

This must be very elementary but SketchUp seems to keep a connection between items in a downloaded model and the original.

I find a collection of groups in 3D warehouse and download it and place it in the drawing. (which seems like how this is supposed to work) I select a group from the collection to place it in the drawing and manipulate it so it fits and move it. If I then remove the collection from the drawing the copied groups are removed too.

I’m not really clear on what a group is so I hope I’m using the right terminology.

perhaps you are copying the group/component within the collection (a component) so on deleting the lot goes.
So copy, then make sure you have closed the downloaded component, right click menu, or click outside the open outline before pasting

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Thanks for your response. I think I did move it outside the download but sometimes it seemed that the scope expanded. I don’t really understand what was going on.

I did sort of figure out the right way to do this which was to load the model from 3d warehouse into a local model. and copy and paste into my model. I was able to copy what I made into another model. so that worked. It will be a while before I understand this.