Move -copy component changes are not reflected in original

I am used to using move /copy to duplicate components.
I have been trying to use the same technique to pull out one of the copies from a model so that I can add tenons etc. I have been finding that the changes are not reflected in the other instances of the same component. So I am having to reproduce the same drawing on multiple copies. Can someone tell me what I am doing wrong about this process?

Thanks in advance

Sounds like you have groups rather than components.
Can you share the model or at least a screen shot so we have a better chance of giving you a full answer.

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Indeed, it does sound like you have made groups instead of components. Or could it be that you’ve opened the component for editing and are using Move/Copy on the geometry inside? I mention that because I saw that someone had done that yesterday on a model they sent to me for the same problem. Not only does it cause the problem you’re seeing, it creates other problems, too.

One tread that we talked about Component vs Group