Editing Component Copy

I’m new to Make/SketchUp! Working through a Fine Woodworking video… I make a copy of a “component,” open it for editing, and do not see the changes reflected in the “original” as I’m led to believe they should be. I’ve tried this in two different files, same non-result. W10 but with an older motheboard…

Are you sure the “original” is a component?
Making a component of some selection presents you the choice between “Replace selection with component” or not depending on checking that option in the ‘Make Component’ window.
The latter leaves you with basic geometry and in both cases the component is stored in the ‘In Model > Component’ library. If you the place an instance of the component in your modelling space you won’t see the changes happening in the basic geometry. Place two instances to see it work.

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I expect you are following something of mine. There are two common possibilities for what you’re you’re seeing. The first is you’ve made a group and copied that.

The other is you’ve opened the component and are copying the geometry within. Are you seeing something like this?

eta: We3Dan is speedy.

Unlike many of the issues discussed on this forum, it is extremely unlikely this is due to a hardware incompatibility; the symptoms are wrong. More likely it is user error along the lines that @Wo3Dan and @DaveR suggest.

Yup, I figured out that what I was doing that you did not do was
clicking/selecting the original component (3) before the copy procedure…
which made them into a group. Attention to detail, catch edge up! Thanks
for your clue.

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Glad that helped. I don’t think you were creating a group. You were just copying the geometry within the compoent as I illustrated.

This is not the way to do forum business but… I want to print a 1:1
ellipses (42" x 10") going through my local FedEx Kinkos (Microsoft PDF
file from Windows 10)… I am hung up with SU not recognizing my paper
choice (FedEx prints from a 30" wide roll) calling for multiple pages… is
there a “gold” standard gouge for the 1:1 printing process?

SketchUp gets paper sizes from the default printer drivers. If your printer can’t handle the paper size, it won’t be available.

The easiest way to print large scale drawings to scale is via LayOut. You can export a PDF that you can send to the place doing the printing.

Your profile says you only have Make 2016, so you don’t have Layout. You could try installing a generic PDF printer driver - there are quite a few free ones as well as low cost paid for - and see if you can get one that comes with larger paper sizes.

For example I use one called PDF24, which comes with a very wide variety of large paper sizes. You ‘print’ to a pseudo printer installed by the program, which generates a PDF file from a SU Print command.

Here’s only a part of the list of available paper sizes. The list goes up to A0, or equivalent US sizes: