Restoring from backup

I just noticed that I appear to have inadvertently deleted a group within my model, within the last couple of hours. Is there any scheme for undeleting or restoring this work?

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Assuming you have saved since you deleted this group, and that this was actually a group and not a component?

Not sure if I have saved or not and am holding on that - and it’s definitely a group, not a component.

Well if you have not saved, then perform a save-as function now, give the current file a new name so you don’t overwrite the old one. Then navigate back to the original file in your system and open it to see in what state the last save took place. If you have autosave enabled this may have overwritten the file already.

Great suggestion - did this & just opened the previous file, it’s not there. Dang.

I have an older version of this file from a couple of weeks ago - the group isn’t nearly as complete but it’s a start - how do I copy & paste from this file to the newer one?

Is your SketchUp set to make backups? Is there a file with the same name and the extension .skb next to the original?

This situation is a benefit of using components as they are not truly lost when deleted and can be replaced.

Do the two files share the same relationship with the origin? IE are they in the same place relative to the axis?

yes, I have a .skb’s of the original file (“01”) and the newer one (“02”).

And yes, same location relative to origin.

Take the original .skb file (01). Open the name for editing and change the extension to .skp. Then close the name and open the file.

Try that and then we will copy the data over form the older file if that does not work.

Open version 1, select the group you want to copy, in the menu choose: Edit>copy

Open version 2 (newer). In menu choose: Edit>Paste in place.

Got it - successful. Thanks for your help and prompt reply - much appreciated.

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You are welcome. Did you manage to restore intact from the .skb? Or copy-paste from a compromised version?

It sounds like you’ve got it sorted which is good. This is one of many reasons I use only components in my modeling and no groups.

Did a copy/paste from the older file into the new file. Have already completed the necessary edits to make up the work I lost (which was mostly application of finishes/materials) so I’m in good shape. Thanks again.

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