Saving over work you want with work you don't

Hi there.

I was recently deleting a load of elements to one of my models to make it easier to show my landscaper just one element of it. I then pressed ‘save’ instead of ‘save as’ and have now saved over the original model, that i really need, with the model with just the single element, that i don’t.

Is there any way of getting the original model back?

You’re using SketchUp Free (web) as indicated in your profile?

If you still have the editing session live, you might try Undo as many times as necessary to restore the deleted objects.

Sorry, no, i’m on Pro now

I’ve been doing that but it’s only going so far and then after a while, when pressing the control key, there is a + next to the arrow and nothing further comes back into the model

OK. Please correct your profile.

As @TDahl suggested, maybe Undo will get you back far enough.

Ctrl with Select adds to the selection set. Ctrl+Z would be Undo. Maybe you’ve already gone back through the available undo steps. I believe the undo stack is 100. Beyond that you’re out of luck.

Did you keep the components or did you purge unused? If you didn’t purge and they are actually components you deleted, they’d still be in the In Model components.

Done (profile correction) - thanks for the reminder

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Thanks. It would help if you add the version number and update the operating system and graphics card. SketchUp Pro won’t run on Chrombooks.

Unfortunately they aren’t components. I have, however, not deleted a hundred items but it’s still only letting me ‘redo’ about 30 before nothing else is appearing, using control-z

Actually, i just counted, it’s around 80, not 30, but i still haven’t reached a hundred.

Done - still getting to grips with it all!!

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Well, maybe the undo stack is now empty. You didn’t happen to send the file to LayOut at some time in the past and not updated the reference since you made these changes? If you did there’d be the SketchUp file embedded in the LayOut file which you could retrieve.

Probably at this point the best use of your time would be to start rebuilding. For the future of course, Save as… is your friend. Another thing you could do is publish a copy to your Trimble Connect account. Basically that would store a separate copy of the file away from where the original is saved.

What about the SKB file? Is it older than the SKP file? If so, you might try making a copy of the SKB file, and changing the file extension to .skp

It might be older than the .skp file. You could look at the file properties and see. Like chicken soup, it couldn’t hurt.

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Foolishly, i did try to send a copy to layout but it was taking so long i gave up the ghost. Serves me right for being impatient.

I appreciate your help Dave, thanks for your time

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Oh, skb file, what’s that?!! How do i check that?

Good luck.

It’s a backup file that is created during an autosave. It might be enough older than your saved file, if it exists. Look for it in the same directory as the .skp file. You can rename it and change the extension to .skp and then open it in SketchUp.

So a few 2020 hindsight things.

If you make your elements as components deleting them may not be a huge problem. At least until you purge unused stuff from the model, you could bring in new instances of them from the In Model components. You could also save those components in collections for later use.

Use Save as for revisions.

Utilize your Trimble connect cloud storage for backups of your files.

Roger that, Dave, thanks buddy.

No luck with the skb. file, sadly

Cheers again

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