How to go back to a previous saved version of your file?

Hello. I’ve accidentally deleted a part of my model and then saved it, then closed sketch up (so I cannot click undo). When i open the sketch up model, of course the portion I’ve deleted is no longer there. Is there a way of going back to a previous version that you saved of the same file? Thanks

No. Not if you saved the file after making the changes. There’s no automatic incremental saves. You would need to use Save as…

I did use Save As. But I’m assuming if I did Save as and then replaced the current file, it’s still impossible to get back my previous model/version somehow?

Well, it would replace the old file if you used the same name. You would have to save the file with a different name to have an older version to go back to. It sounds like you didn’t give the file a new name when you saved it so no, you can’t go back.

If you saved only once, and SketchUp uses default settings, the previous version ought to be saved as a backup file, with the .skb file extension. You can make a copy of that, rename it with the .skp extension and try opening it.