Saved Sketchup files

I have noticed that when I finish a Sketchup session and save the file that it is saved as a separate new file but that the old one still exists - however only the new file will open and we get this message if we try to open an older version

This seems strange to me and I cannot see the logic behind the decision. The old file is useless if you cannot open it so why not just overwrite it?

Also, on some occasions you may wish to be able to go back to an older version (to use as a template let’s say) and this would save having to undo everything to get back to an older point of the model - or indeed having to restart it as that may be the quicker option.

At one point I had 12 versions of the model in My Documents and kept them thinking they might well come in useful but then when I tried to open one, I couldn’t.

Is there a way to make all the older versions relevant and not just the last one?

Regards Richard

SKB = Backup
SKP = Sketchup file

(re-name SKB to SKP and it should open)

.skb is a backup file of the .skp file.
Change the name to .skp and it will open if you need it.

renaming isn’t required, you can either use the “File > Open…” command with option “All Files (.)” resp. typing in the file name “*.skb”…

… or select the option “Select a program from a list of installed programs” from the dialog posted above and use the search button for selecting the “SketchUp(.exe)” in the SketchUp program folder. Which enables launching of resp. loading in running SketchUp by double-clicking SKB files.

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Hi Richard,

Change the file extension from SKP to SKB as suggested.
Or, try option two in the dialog you pictured and point to SketchUp.exe.

See these help articles:
Backup Files — SketchUp Help
Does SketchUp create auto-save files? — SketchUp Help

Look under the File menu and notice SketchUp presents four save options.
Save a Copy As option creates a sequentially numbered copy of the file in it’s current state with each save.

SketchUp File Menu (Windows) — SketchUp Help

Instead of cluttering your My Documents folder with individual model files, consider creating a folder for your models in My Documents.
Then, in SketchUp go to Window > Preferences > Files
There, you can tell SketchUp where to save to.

Application Preferences dialog box (Microsoft Windows) — SketchUp Help

The problem with doing this is that you start to use BAK files as your working files and then you get backups of backups that are working files and everything gets really confused.
Personally I would re-name if you ever need to restore from a backup - it saves accidentally working from a backup file.

good point, one should be aware of the difference between SKP and SKB if doing this.

OIK many good answers there guys and I appreciate you replies - renaming the extension as SKP seems to be the answer.

Again I appreciate your trouble in replying

Regards Richard