How to open a >sub file


I renamed a skp file and when i opened it sketchy said " it doesn’t appear to be a sketch model. the model is gone along with its autosave but i do still have a .SKB file. How do I recover the model?
How do I open the skb file? i started to just name it to a skp but windows alerted me that I may lose the file if i do so i canceled it. several hours of work and I’m scared its lost.

thanks everyone please help

Try to do a “save as” .skp to duplicate your .skb file. If it doesn’t work, it won’t overwrite your .sbk file.
Actually copy the file, save it as a unique name. Then change it from .skb to .skp. And open it.

Just a thought.


Your profile says you’re on MAC…

PCs make model-files == xxx.SKP
and backup-files with a different file-type == xxx.SKB

BUT MACs’ model-files == xxx.SKP
and also skp backup-files, but with a preceding tilde == xxx~.SKP

Look in your model’s folder to see if there are any of those…
It depends of if you’ve saved the model at least once, and you have Backups set in Preferences etc…
Or try and find your wrongly renamed model and ensure it’s name ends with .SKP, then try and reopen it

If you haven’t resolved it yet you can always copy and paste the .SKB file on your desktop…then, knowing that you have a back up in case you need it, rename the .SKB to .SKP. That should be all it takes. If you’re asked or warned about changing the extension or file name then just say yes and you should be good to go.

When you originally renamed the SKP file, did you change the file extension to anything other than .skp? Of so, have you tried changing it back?

Btw, the program is called SketchUp, not sketchy or sketch. Sketch is a different program.