Sketchup files disapparing

I have lost all my sketchup models, (luckily I have backup of some of the models). The skp-files are not missing, but I can not open these files. When saving a Sketchup model, the similar problem is that only the skp-file is stored so that I can not open the file again. I am greatful for solutions to this problem.

Vegard Nataas

Hello Vegard,

Do you use Windows or Mac OS X?

SKP is a SketchUp model file. SKB is a SketchUp Backup file.
You should always open the SKP file when you want to view or continue working on your model.

What happens when you try to open the SKP file?
Do you see any messages?

Have you tried this method?
Right click on a SketchUp SKP file > Open With > SketchUp
You might see an option to “Set default program…” which will associate SKP files with SketchUp.


Hello Geo. I use windows 7. Earlier I always had a skp and skb file. Now I only have i skp-file. The strangest thing is that the files are both on my home computer witch is synced with Cubby.

The skp-file cannot be opened because the computer doesn’t recognize the file format. (the sketchup icon is also missing from the file). I now tried to right click an choose open with Sketchup 2014, and luckily it worked. Unfortunately I cannot choose sketchup as a default program.

Make sure SketchUp’s Auto-Save and Backup features are enabled and set properly.
Window > Preferences > General

SketchUp’s SKB Backup and Auto-Save SKP files are saved in the directory where the original SKP file exists.
SU relies upon a stable path to that directory.
Most likely the path to your cloud storage is subject to change, which causes problems.

Best practice is to save your work to your local drive and then copy it to other storage.
When retrieving a file from storage it’s best to save the file to your local disk and then open it.