Cannot access skb file - Urgent

Hi, I have setup sketchup pro with auto save options. I am unable to find any skb files in my system. As part of my assignment I have been asked to submit skb files. But never has any of my files saved as a skb file.

How can get sketchup pro 2020 to save my work as skb files and where can I access it.


.skb files are backup files on Windows. They aren’t the working files. Those would have the extension .skp. Why do you have to submit the backup files?

FWIW, the backup files are normally created in the same directory where you’ve been saving the .skp files. There’s also a folder in User/AppData/Local that should contain recovered files that might be generated if Sketchup crashes.

Is your profile correct in that you are using Windows? It says you are using Sketchup 2019 so it’s apparently out of date.

Hi Dave, Thanks for the quick response. I am definitely using sketchup 2020.

Yes, I realise skp and skb are different.

Can you please confirm if I am doing this correctly. Once I have worked on a file in sketchup, I click on save as and save it to whichever folder I want it saved under. I definitely cannot see any skb files there. Also, I have searched my whole systems for any skb files and search comes back with nothing.

I have an assignment to submit and they are specifically asking for skb file along with skp file.

I simply cannot work it out.


Are you definitely using Windows?


Do you have the Windows File Explorer set to show file extensions?

There ought to be .skb files if you worked on the file long enough.

Is there a way to check where all my files are getting auto saved? I tried under c drive under users as well as directly under program files. just nothing.

The auto saves should be going into the same directory as the .skp files. Where are you saving them?

I am saving them directly in to the folder depending on the project. So each work is going in to different folder.

Thanks for your help Dave. Unfortunately, sketchup no one is there to help a student and my uni IT has no one who has worked on sketchup. So no help there as well.

Probably a silly question. But do you have your Preferences set to save Backup files in the first place?

This is my Mac Preferences/General - does your Windows equivalent in SU (Window/Preferences/General) have Create Backup checked?

You probably already know, but do note that AutoSaves and Backups are two quite different settings and functions.

This was the first thing I checked and yes it was on.