Accidental overwriting of a file



Hi guys.
I accidentally over wrote a file in my sketch up library with a new file and I was working on the file for the past 6 months. Is there any way to revert to a previous save point? the document has been closed since. I assume since the file has been overwritten there is no way to get the original back but just in case id love to know if there is a procedure that exists. I really loved the one that got deleted.

any help is appreciated.




I still have the original .skb with the correct content but the sketch up file is overwritten. I tried using the restore previous versions button but it says there are none in the queue. please help.


If you have a good .skb file then you’re golden.

First make a copy of the .skb file so you have a backup just in case.

Then rename the .skb file to a new file with a .skp extension.

That’s it.


I just need to rename the extension?? wow, ok thanks a lot!


For the future: you shouldn’t work on a file for 6 month and don’t create a backup from time to time… there are plugins for SketchUp that support the creation of backups…