Error clicked when closing file

Due to a wrong manipulation, I did not save the latest version of a file instead of doing it. as a result, many final adjustments have been lost. Can I still recover it somewhere?

Probably not but you could look at the.skb file with the same file name and see how it compares. You should be able to see the date and time of its creation in File Explorer and compare that to when you were working on the model file you didn’t save.

Thanks for your answer?
Too bad, autosave saves a file all 5 minutes but then also deletes the previous one immediately. It was better that some autosave files remained in the location for a few days, for example. A day’s work away due to a stupid wrong click.

Autosave files are a different thing. Those files include all of the work you have done since your last save. The skb Dave mentioned is a copy of your previous save. If your last save is the only one that has some errors in the model, the skb will be the save before you made the errors. Renaming that to a new file name that ends with .skp instead of .skb, would give you a file you can open, to see if it is in a better state than your last save.

Windows has a File History feature, where you can have frequent backups made to an external file. I’m not familiar with how it works, but if it is like macOS Time Machine, you then get a backup of the file every hour for the last day, and every day for the last month. That would give you at least 23 previous versions of the file to go back to.

I re-read what you wrote! I think that closing SketchUp and not saving the file may well delete the autosave file. If you want to go and look to see if it is still there, you can paste this path into File Explorer:

%LocalAppData%\SketchUp\SketchUp 2022\SketchUp\working\SKETCHUP\RecoveredFiles\

Thank you for thinking along. It is therefore true that the SKB file is the previous version. I thought the storage was put in this file for all five minutes. Apparently this is not. Or by closing without saving, only the SKB file of the previous version can be found. I also found the path of the Recovered files but there is also only the SKB file of the previous version.
The tip regarding the version history is very welcome. Was not known to me and therefore not enabled so this does not give a solution now. This of course allows me to prevent this mistake in the future. Unfortunate for this work but I have resigned myself to the fact that I did not pay attention and this work was lost as a result.