Accidentally pressed close without saving

After 9 hours of work in sketch up I accidentally pressed ‘close without saving’. There was no autosave file where it is supposed to be, I have spent hours looking in my computer for skp, and skb. files and have only found the copy that I saved late last night. I know I saved a couple times today just by selecting ‘save’ but I can’t find anything anywhere. I purchased EaseUS data recovery wizard and now I’m so bombarded with files I don’t even know where to look. I have gone through some and haven’t had any luck. I’ve also followed all of the basic online instructions. I’m using a PC and I know that there is usually some weird place that contains these files. Please Help!

Autosave files are retained only when SketchUp crashes or otherwise exits abnormally. When you close it, all temporary files are deleted.

Yes thank you. I ended up having to redo all of my work.

Then it is 100% saved as a sketchup file on your PC, IF this is true. A saved file cannot be deleted automatically. The only way to lose it would be to manually delete it, so it’s on your machine. If you saved.