SketchUp Crashed While Saving now the File Won't Open



I was performing a final save at the end of the night when SketchUp crashed. Since then I have not been able to reopen the file. SketchUp crashes immediately. I can see the preview of the file in windows explorer with the work that was trying to save. Also, Autosave had not saved for the last 4 days.


Was the “final save” the last of a series or the first time you saved? It makes a difference to where the autosave function places the file (you may already know this).


Can you share the file with us. Less than 3mb upload it directly, larger than that upload it to the warehouse or dropbox or similar and add a link here.


• The term ‘final save’ implies the file had been saved previously.

  1. Had the file ever been saved prior to the ‘final save’?

  2. Had the file been saved more than once, prior to the ‘final save’?

By default, saving a new file more than once creates a backup (SKB) file.

• Tell us about the history of the file.

  1. Was it a new file that had never been saved and closed?

  2. Was it an existing file you opened for further modeling?

• Where was the SKP file located when you first opened it?
(Presuming it was an existing file you opened for further modeling.)

  1. Local Disc (C:)

  2. Some place other than local disc (C:) … explain where.

• Have you changed the default settings or disabled Auto-Save and/or Backup?


I sense some confusion about the difference between Auto-Save and Create Backup .
They are two separate functions that come into play during different events.

An Auto-Save file is a temporary file available on the file system should SketchUp abnormally exit (crash).
The temporary file’s name will be a combination of the word " AutoSave " with the original filename, such as AutoSave_Smith Home.skp.

When an abnormal exit occurs, the Auto-Save file is saved in the directory where the original .skp file exists.

A Backup file is created only when you save an existing SketchUp (.skp) file and Create Backup is enabled.
The original as-opened file is converted to a backup file (.skb), and the new drawing (.skp) is saved in place of that existing file. Thus, the backup (.skb) file is always chronologically one save behind the (.skp) model file.

The Backup file (.skb) is saved in the directory where the original .skp file exists.


The file has been saved countless times. There is a backup file (SKP)
I also have a lingering auto save file from 4 days ago. I realize that the auto save file generally is deleted once a successful save has been accomplished.
I just was expecting an auto save file to be present because of the crash. I seem to think the save must have almost, or did complete because i can see my work in the file preview pane.

This computer is dedicated to sketchup only and the file is saved locally on the C: drive.



I suspect that the preview is created from a JPG or similar rendering created by SketchUp and stored within the file, rather than from walking the geometric entities within the file to form an on-the-fly image. Thus, the preview might look healthy even if subsequent portions of the file are missing or corrupt.


I think it is a png not a jpg, but otherwise you are right.