Lost Groups

Hi can any one help me recover the groups in a drawing for some reason they have all merged together. I cannot edit those groups separately the drawing sticks together. Many thanks

You might have accidentally exploded the groups. If you upload your .skp file we could have a look.

Hi many thanks MST 2 concept.skp (2.4 MB)
Is it possible to find the groups again if i Exploded the them ?

If you explode a group and it’s too late to Undo it, then it’s gone. You could just group them again or find a backup of your file if you use Time Machine or some other backup. It wouldn’t take that long to group everything again in that file.

You do have some components there in the Components browser, so you won’t have lost those.

You might have ‘explode’ assigned to a keyboard shortcut that you pressed accidentally?

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Only ‘Undo’ can help you if nothing is “standing in the way” like already saved or…

@Mwambani, don’t use ‘Purge Unused’ before placing these components back into modeling space. Else they will also be lost!


Another reason for using components instead of groups. :wink: