Group objects sometimes creates a copy

I have multiple computers in our office running Sketchup Pro, and for some reason they intermittently create copies of objects when we "Make Group"s out of a selection of objects. Sometimes it happens, sometimes it does not. For the life of me I can not figure out how to control that functionality. It is extremely frustrating because if often leaves behind stray geometry that you did not know was there. If you do pick up on it, you have to go through the time consuming task of erasing the objects that are now underneath the group. Please help.

How are you selecting the ‘objects’ ? By dragging or clicking and hold Ctrl or shift ? By dragging you are probably selecting entities which are behind the 'objects ’ , unintentionally ( use X-ray view for seeing what SketchUp ‘sees’
Have a look at :
Seleccionar geometrías | SketchUp Help

We do plenty of crazy 3D drawings, but I am talking about this happening on a simple 2D drawing. There is nothing behind it. I have a group of objects, I select them and hit “Create Group” and suddenly I have two copies of each object. The grouped version, and the original ungrouped objects still exist.

Can you upload the file , or an example ?
Maybe we can have a look at it . 7th icon from left

Heiken_Plan.skp (627.2 KB)

This is a very simple preliminary elevation that I just put together. When I started drawing it, I selected the components that make up the post & rail section, right clicked, and selected create group. When I went to select the group, I discovered that the individual lines that made up the group still existed. I had to hide the group so I could go back and delete all of the original lines such that there was only one copy of it in the plan. This only happens occasionally, and it happens on more than one computer so I know that it is not my mouse or keyboard. Any thoughts?

Mmm,might be corrupted template file, there are some sections planes under the drawn part. Did you know that ? I am not sure if that explains all behavior, but I think it is a start…
use view->section planes to see :slight_smile:

Thanks for catching that. This is a newer template and I didn’t pick up on that, as they don’t appear until you actually start placing objects with the section views turned on.

Not that I think of it, It is not likely that the grouping problem is a template corruption issue because one of my other salesmen doesn’t even use this template and he complains about it quite often. This is baffling me.

You didn’t say how you select them and what they are.

If you have a face and select its edges, whether displaying all entities or only edges in ‘Wire Frame’, to then group the edges, there is still the face that needs edges to support it.
So you can group a selection of edges but existing faces keep a new set of edges. Is this what might have happened?

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That makes perfect sense! It is the remaining unseen face the is left unselected, and therefore requires the recreation of bounding objects. So simple! I’m sure that is the answer, although I will try to check back in a couple weeks to confirm. Thank you for taking time out of your life to consider my problem!

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