Cannot Select a Grouped Object

I have three groups in my SketchUp Model, they have all been scaled up by 100 to work on intricate geometry. Two of the three groups can be selected and used as normal, the third cannot, the select and draw tools behave as though there is nothing there. If I ‘select all’ then all three objects can be selected and moving/ resizing them works but that’s it. I’ve tried selecting all objects and then deselecting the other two but after deselecting the second, the third is also deselected.

Haven’t found any similar problems out there. Any help is very much appreciated, thanks.

Could you share the SKP file? It’s pretty difficult to tell you exactly what’s going on without seeing it.

No worries i think ive sorted it somehow! thanks anyway sorry about that

Was the third group nested inside the second group?

No for some reason when i selected the real size (before scaling up by 100) group in the model, which i hadnt mentioned previously, it was also selecting the third ‘unselectable’ group. Managed to fix it by grouping and then exploding and regrouping what I needed. Dont know how but it seems to have solved the problem