Cannot select grouped items

Probably something stupid on my part but I cannot select any grouped objects. Its like they are not real. Selecting all and then exploding would set me back a long time in recreating all of the individual parts of my house plans. The stairs are one of the grouped objects not selectable if you open the file up.

Any thoughts?
635 Harrison culled (1).skp (229.0 KB)

Try switching the camera to Perspective.

See if you can select the objects in this version.
635 Harrison culled.skp (261.1 KB)

Did you draw all of this in SketchUp Free?

That version works! Yes all in sketchup free. Its a bit messy but gets me drawings for building permits much cleaner than hand drawn.

What did you do to fix it?

I presume you are building this house for yourself? Looks like a big personal project.

I changed the camera to Perspective.

Awesome, thanks!

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