Bug: Groups creating duplicate faces


Hey all,

We recently upgraded from 2014 to 2015 in the office and all of us have been encountering a strange bug. When we make an object a group, then draw a line to bisect a face, it creates two new faces in the same place as the face that was split. If a texture is applied to the face, it just creates a new face with the default texture on it, requiring us to delete those new faces before we see the original texture.

I’m really confused as to why it’s doing this - it does it in files that were created in SU2014, as well as files started in SU2015. It’s really frustrating as well, as when we go to split a face in a group, we have to delete all the extra faces that get created.

Anyone have any ideas?



to solve the problem, it is necessary to understand precisely what you were doing and what is happening in SketchUp. I’ll try to describe what I think happens:

You selected some geometry (a textured face, and edges? etc.) and turned it into a group. Then you were still outside the group and you drew an edge over the grouped face. Instead of just creating the edge, SketchUp also created new faces (to fill holes) on both sides, so that you got several faces in the same space.

SketchUp usually merges geometry that is in the same space, unless it is separated in different groups/components. SketchUp also usually fills in faces when you close a planar loop of edges. When creating a group, all selected geometry is included inside of it, however if edges are also used (and needed) by faces outside of the group, they are copied.

That means probably after grouping, you still had edges outside of the group (maybe to neighbouring faces that you didn’t select?). You can confirm this by temporarily deleting the group and checking what is there.

If you instead wanted to create the edge inside the group, double-click the group to enter it.

If you created a component instead of a group, check in the Create Component dialog whether it is set to “replace” the selection, otherwise it would create a component, but not remove the selected entities…


A sample would be helpful to see the problem.
Check that you are using Layers correctly, it could be that you have raw geometry on wrong or hidden layers.


Hi Ivan,

Given your vague description, we can only guess. That wastes your time and those trying to help you.

Make a concerted effort to accurately describe the following…
• What you do
• What you expect to happen
• What actually happens

Then create a simple model which demonstrates the problem. Attach the model file to your next post.