Grouping duplicating geometry

I just loaded SU2018 and noticed that now when I group geometry, it makes a group, but leaves the ungrouped geometry as well. Is this a bug or a new feature, and is there a fix to go back to just grouping the geometry?

I don’t see that behavior. Can you upload a sample SKP file that shows it?

Back Yard.skp (41.8 KB)
It seems to be doing it only in this one file. Solution: start over and hope it’s a fluke.

I see a couple of places where there’s a copy of loose geometry coinciding with a group. How are you making the groups? How did you get the edges and faces into the model in the first place? It looks like you are using layers incorrectly in some spots.

Actually, I see what the problem is. You’re selecting edges and making a group but you aren’t selecting the face because you’re working in Wireframe. You’re leaving the faces out of the selection and the group.This isn’t new behavior in SU2018. This would happen in any version.

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Understood. Thanks for taking a look. Much appreciated.

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