SO confused. 2D layout editing 😭

Hi! I have been learning SU over the last few weeks but never really got the hang of Groups at the start. Ive gone back to basics and am trying to build a 2d layout, making the correct use of groups. I thought I was nearly done but when I go to pull my exterior walls up…nothing. I can’t click into the group. I can pull my interior walls up fine, but not exterior.

Getting so frustrated!
Assignment 4~.skp (4.9 MB)

If you orbit around a little you can see there’s no face for your exterior walls so nothing to pull up with Push/Pull.

Here I’ve triple clicked on an outside edge of the walls to select all connected geometry. Then I used Move/Copy to pull a copy away. You can see there’s a missing edge that would be required to get the face.

Here I’ve cleaned up the copy to get rid of edges that don’t belong to the exterior walls and I’ve added in the long edge to complete the loop of edges and create a face that can be extruded.

You need to get into the habit of using groups and components in your modeling to keep the different elements separate.

This is for an online interior design course? I’ve seen this floor plan before.

Right, I see the issue with the wall, thank you. I am now struggling to separate the recatangles attached to the wall. And how did I manage to attach things to the exterior walls? Once I had created the ex.walls I made them a group, which is how I thought you stoop things from sticking to them?

Oh and yes, its a layout we have to design for a module set by the Interior Design Institute

I think you somehow missed the step of making them a group. Or you exploded the group at some point. At least the file you shared doesn’t show the walls as collected into a group. You did share the backup file and not your working file, though. Note the ~ in the file name.

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