Adding Door Creates Push/Pull Issue

Hi all - newbie here having issues with one of the rooms in my layout once I add a door. The door seems to be closing off the room so that instead of just the walls being push/pulled up, the whole room is pushed up and blue. It’s the left hand side room.

Also, can anyone tell me what those dotted lines on my floor plan mean? From the tutorials I’ve been watching, it doesn’t look like they’re supposed to be there.

Thanks as always4B Door Issue.skp|attachment (251.9 KB)

Not sure if the above file was attached correctly so here is the file again.

4B Door Issue.skp (251.9 KB)

You need to learn about using groups and components to provide separation of parts of your model. Select all of the walls, right click on them and choose Create Group. then model the door.

Thanks again @DaveR! Should I be creating a separate group for exterior and interior walls? Right now I just have all walls in one group and the door issue has been resolved, but going forward, wanted to figure out best practice.

It depends on what you need to be able to show later. If you group them separately you can assign different tags to the interior and exterior walls so you can control their visibility separately. Probably though it won’t matter and they can be one group.

Got it - that’s helpful. Once I created the door separate from the rest of the group, I’m not able to delete the extraneous vertical lines demarcating where I put the top of the door in. I end up erasing everything besides the door. Do I need to make a separate group for the door as well in order to erase those two vertical lines?

4B Door.skp (256.2 KB)

If you need to make changes to the geometry of the walls, you’ll need to open the group for editing. Right click on the group and choose Edit Group.

It sounds like you would be wise to go through the Sketchup Fundamentals before you go any further with your model.

I missed a point. You aren’t adding the door. You’re adding the header over a door opening. You want to do that to the geometry of the wall so you now need to have the group open for editing. If it skins the ceiling of the room, select that face and delete it.

Thank you @DaveR! Need to go back to the drawing board, appreciate all your help.

No, don’t give up on Sketchup yet - stick with it and don’t revert to pencil, drawing board and T-square just yet! :wink:

Haha, thanks @john_mcclenahan! I haven’t given up yet - will do get a bit more education on the program before proceeding with modeling. Your encouragement is appreciated.

Here’s a way to mow through adding door heads. I probably missed a couple in the gif but you’ll get the idea.


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