Cannot Push pull certain aspects of my model

Hi there, this is my first model and i manually drew the outlines for windows and doors. I was able to create the doorway for 5 of them but am now have troubles with the remaining windows and doors. It is not allowing me to hollow them out. I have read other posts in regards to editing group but I am getting rather confused on how to do that. Please help!

Untitled 2~ copy.skp (186.6 KB)

Why have you grouped the inside face so it’s separate from the rest of the geometry? Since it is, the faces you are pushing won’t create the opening in that group.

Explode that group and then you can push the openings through.

You’ll have a little problem with the two near the center because they collide with the internal wall.

You have a lot of reversed faces in this model. You should fix them before you get much farther along.