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I’m using SU Pro 2020, desktop edition and I’m a new user. I’m trying to design a new house and am struggling with the grouping concept. I’m starting with a rectangular building footprint
and then am offsetting the exterior geometry to form an exterior wall layout. I then make that whole area a Group. Using push pull to raise walls 3mtrs. At this stage I need some design flexibility and therefore would like to form some parts of the exterior walls into groups. I am struggling to create these separate groups without fully detaching the wall areas from the main model, I’m using the explode key, creating the separate group and then reinserting that back into the building geometry. I’m not sure if this is the only way to achieve my objective or if there is a better way of doing it? Hope you can help? Chris

Start to learn the basics from here:

Don’t explode groups unnecessarily.

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How you choose to use Groups and Components is up to you. Some people prefer larger groups and some smaller ones. It is common to have a group for external walls and another for internal ones. You might further divide it into floors. I have frequently seen drawings where each run of wall is separately grouped, though I have never understood why.

I would start pretty much the way you have with a footprint of the building and Offset and Push/Pull to create external walls. If you had some reason to divide the perimeter wall, it may be best to do it whilst it is still 2D (before extruding). Make each discrete element a group, then go in and extrude each one and close again.

Thanks Mihai.s. Very helpful. Chris

Thanks Simon. Appreciate your help. Chris

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