Interior walls won't group

I’m new to SketchUp and watched a lot of tutorials online on the basics of creating a 2D and 3D floor plan. Everything seems to work and I’ve got my basic floor plan ready (dimensions etc.) I have floor, walls and dimensions all in different layers for printing purposes (I know tags should only be used to “hide” stuff). But problem I’m facing is when trying to convert my 2D model into 3D by “pulling” the walls, it’s not letting me do that when I select the walls. I noticed that my inner walls are also not in a group while the outer walls are. When I select the inner wall and do Create group, it creates a group with nothing in it it seems (but it does have the blue outline).

When I say inner and outer walls, I mean a rectangle with the inner and outer line (they are separate). Help is much appreciated and I hope I won’t have to restart drawing.

SketchUp.skp (375.7 KB)

Attach your model so we don’t have to guess.

Done! Sorry, I meant to do that but simply forgot…

You’ll never be able to push pull into 3D if you’ve separately grouped the outer and inner geometry of your walls! You really need to think in 3D the whole time, not just at a later stage. You can draw raw geometry for a floor plan, but you have to make sure it is generating faces that you can pull up.

I’m sure once people inspect your model they will explain the particulars going on, but you might as well get in the habit of modeling correct from the start.

Go to YouTube and watch videos on the OFFICIAL SketchUp channel to get started. Or go to and try out the fundamentals course. You may have already gotten ahead of yourself by using tags and groups totally wrong from the start, I fear.

Thank you for the reply! I know, and I was trying to have them together, but I just can’t add them all to one group. When I first did, only the outer walls were added for some reason. I just used the Rectangle tool, and then used the Offset too to make walls (as most guides suggest).

All you need to do is ungroup everything, and then put it all into a single group.

That is what I’m trying, but it’s always resulting in the same. I use Outliner to remove everything from all groups, I then select my walls tag (layer) which has all the walls. I use the Select tool to click and hold to select all the walls, right click and Add group. When I inspect the group, only the outer walls are in it.

I ungrouped both groups, and then pulled walls up. It works if you select each group, right click and select “Explode.” Explode is “ungroup.”

hello, don’t know what tutorial you are watching, but you have a wrong approach for tag management. Raw Geometry should always be untagged.

First you make a group (or a component) and then assign it to a tag.

As for your grouping matter, make sure you have a face and its ouline selected before grouping. explode your group, select a face and its outline, and group again. (to quickly select a face + its bounderies, double click on a face. triple click for everything that is connected)

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Don’t use Outliner for this.

Don’t do this either. Always leave “untagged” as the active layer. No exceptions.

Don’t do this either. That’s not how to group things.

Just “explode” both so the geometry forms faces, and then “pull” them up. Takes a few seconds.

Unfortunately your model could be the poster child for how not to use Tags. Delete all your tags and let the geometry go to default then start grouping. Tag after grouping.

Thank you everyone! Explode on the existing group worked! I then hand selected all walls and concrete pillars (black walls) by double clicking inside the walls while holding SHIFT. Then CMD+G to create a new group and moved it over to a new Walls tag.

UPDATE: Cheered too early. Is it normal that when I select part of the walls group, only the outer walls get the blue outline? Are my inner walls still part of the group? Also, the push/pull tool shows a locked icon when hovering over walls, but not the floor, why is that?

Please learn about how tags work, they are the root of your problem.

I know tags are only for controlling visibility of parts of the model, and while hidden everything is still “connected”. I assigned the walls group to the Walls tag, so I can hide/unhide them. But why can’t I pull my walls group up? I’ll attach a new version.

SketchUp.skp (386.9 KB)

The blue outline is just an outer bounding box indicating the boundaries of a group. If you selected everything correctly and grouped it, it should all be inside it. Double click on a group to “enter” it for editing. Once inside, pull the walls up. Then exit by clicking outside the group.

When I double click only the outer walls are black outlined and everything inside is greyed out. This is not just the inner walls but also the inside of the outer walls, is this normal? Tutorials I watch I do exactly the same. I used SHIFT + double click inside every wall to select it, then create a new group.

You still have the outer walls in a group and the inner walls not, so the faces made of an inner wall and an outer wall can’t exist. You can’t pushpull a face that doesn’t exist.

One thing to beware: if you explode the Wall group, because it uses the Wall tag, SketchUp will reassign the Wall tag to the edges and faces of the former contents of the group. Applying the tag to nested groups or components on explode makes some sense, but doing so for edges and faces doesn’t and can lead to errors. So, many of us consider this a wrong design by the SketchUp developers.

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your raw geometry inside the group still is on the ‘walls’ tag.

for your question, go to view > component edit and check “hide rest of model” (I personnaly added a shorcut to quickly toggle it on/off) you’ll have a clear view of what’s inside your group while in edition mode. I believe you are confused by the rest of the model that is greyed but yet overlapping your group here and there.

That’s because you haven’t exploded it yet, which everyone has told you to do.

I did use explode, even multiple times. I right click the group and click Explode, when I reselected everything…