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Hi - I am using Sketchup Free online. I’ve followed a tutorial where in order to draw a room, I drew the floorplan first in 2D. Then used the offset tool to put in the wall thickness, then use Push/Pull to pull up the walls. But I can’t get each wall to group as a separate item… If I triple click, the whole model selects. In this way of working, is there not a way of selecting each wall?
I’m probably using Sketchup wrongly - I’ve drawn the room as it is and am trying to design how it could look in the model… Perhaps its just for drawing as you want it rather than for design - would that be right?

No. Not at all. You can certainly model as built and model what doesn’t exist.

Triple clicking with the Select tool will select all attached geometry. In order to separate each wall into its own group you’ll need to do a more surgical selection. That might involve dragging a selection window around what you want. It might involve single clicking. To add to the selection hold Option or Shift while selecting. Clicking on selected entities while holding shift will deselect them. Experiment with the different selection methods. Left to right and right to left selection windows will yield different results so you should try both.

You may want to divide the top face of the walls into regions so they can be included in the groups with the rest of the walls. Do that by drawing lines from inside to outside top edges.

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Thank you for your help! Ok, I’ll try that.
I’ll have to select all the surfaces of each wall, including the underside of the bottom.
Is that right?

You’ll have to select any geometry (faces and edges) that you want to include in the group. So in addition to splitting the top face on the walls into regions you would need to divide the bottom face as well.

If you share your model file it’ll be easier to show you what you need to do.

Out of curiosity, what is the reason for dividing the walls into separate groups? Is it so you can show elevations inside the rooms? You could do that using section cuts.

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Prior to pulling up the wall section you can double click on its face to select it and its edges > then group the selection > only then (in editing context of that new group) pull the wall face up to hieght.

I left the small building part on the right out of the “double click” selection by those two small edges accross. They could have been included though by holding down [Ctrl] and also double clicking on the right face.

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Its not a job - I was just trying to visualise the side return of my kitchen - how it could look.
I originally drew in all the current walls, and used - is it section cuts - in the walls so I could pull out some walls.

Anyway its all a muddle! I probably shouldn’t be wasting your time! Probably best for me to start again, having using the learning that I’ve done!

Heres the link anyway…


That link doesn’t work for sharing your model.

That’s not a link to your model file. To share it here, you would need to use the menu (three bars at upper left) Download to send a copy to your desktop and then drag-n-drop it onto a reply you type here on the forum.

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Kitchen.skp (190.7 KB)

Here is the model. If you can see underneath, you can see the original pieces.
But I am managing to group things abit. It would be handy to see what you mean about regions though…

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