Cannot group inside walls with exterior walls/ cannot erase lines that join with exterior walls

hi everyone, I am trying to figure out how to make the individual interior walls all one unit with the exterior walls. i have tried selecting the entire wall group and working in edit mode, but when I try to erase the lines that meet with the exterior walls, it erases the entire group of lines I have created. is there a workaround here?

I’ve included the image that shows the wall lines that run into the exterior walls.

Can you share the file so we can check it?

yes, please find attached
Ground Floor Renovation (New).skp (87.2 KB)

Click in sequence on the scenes tabs of this SU file for ideas.

Ground Floor Renovation (New).skp (170.4 KB)

If you have 2 groups and want to make them one group, simply cut one group, open the other group for editing, paste the group you cut, then explode it inside the group you are editing. Now all faces and edges are in a single group. It sounds like you are doing this but missing the last step of exploding the one group. That’s why when you select it, the entire group gets deleted.

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Thank you kindly! I figured it out. Thank you for providing the notes on the actual file. However, I’ve run into a couple of other things. I seem to have mistakenly raised the sides and I need to get it back to 2D view. How do I remove these raised edges?. see image attached (this is when everything is hidden)

Secondly, it appears my windows no longer are visible in the parallel projection Top view. They appear to still be on there but not sure why they are not visible? I’ve included the file again.
Ground Floor Renovation (New)4.skp (131.7 KB)

Click in sequence on the scenes tabs of this SU file. I added scenes 4 and 5.

Ground Floor Renovation (New) - JL - 2023-12-29.skp (196.2 KB)

Use a front view, do a Window Select from right to left to select the upper part of the walls. This selection should not include the base of the walls, then delete the selection.

You included the (exploded) scale figure in the group, no raised edges as you called them in your model!

So how do I get rid of this? I am having a hard time raising the walls.

When I try to use the push/pull tool to raise the walls, it does not allow me to do so. There’s an error symbol next to my cursor.

The surface you’re trying to push pull may be not truly flat. Turn on show hidden geometry and see if there are any dotted lines on that face. BTW, this type of thing happens all the time when using the Joint Push Pull plugin.

I turned on show hidden geometry, and there are not any dotted lines anywhere where I am trying to raise the walls.

I saw you were able to raise the walls. Can you please walk me through how to do that? I have an error symbol next to my cursor.

Maybe you’re outside the group or component. To test this, click just once on the face. Does it select a group or just the face? If it selects a group of stuff, double click to drill down into the group and repeat the one click till you are able to select just the face.

You can’t Push Pull if it looks like this:

You should be able to Push Pull when it looks like this:

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Have you clicked on all the scenes tabs of my file ?

The first operation I did was to place all the walls geometry as well as the floor into the same group. In fact, no grouping is required but it may be useful to separate the walls from the roof or the foundation if you create them at a later stage.

Then I opened the group for editing (a double click on the group will do that).

Once in the group I can use the Push/Pull tool to raise the walls.

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Yes, I reviewed your scenes. Thank you for clarifying the double click, that’s all I needed to know as now I am able to raise the walls.
I noticed now - where my windows are, I am able to push/pull to create a wall where the window is, but it doesn’t merge with the rest of the wall. does it need to be merged with the rest of the wall or is it okay to create the window with it looking like this?

First, make sure that you are in the same context as the wall (double click to enter this context to be able to edit the group).

Then, draw a rectangle where you want the window, either on the outside face or the inside face of the wall.

Finally, push the rectangle using the Push/Pull tool to create the opening. You need to get an inference from the opposite face to stop the push action in order for SketchUp to open the opposite face.