Outer wall disapering instead of only one wall of rectangle

so i am have put my rectangle in where my door frame belongs on my outer wall. i now try to erase the outer wall of the rectangle, BUT THE WHOLE OUTER WALL OF THE HOUSE DISAPEARS. any HELP?

Upload the SketchUp file so we can see how you’ve set up your model.

Sounds like an issue with grouping, but we need to see the model to be certain .

ok, how do i upload the file? with the link?

Download the .skp file to your computer and then drag it into a reply here.

i am following this to the T - first attempt ever. i am doing well, except now for the above. How To Create a Floor Plan with SketchUp Free (7 EASY Steps) - YouTube - i am at 5.15 min - i have grouped and tagged my floor and ourter walls, and made the rectangles for the outer doors. when i try to erase the outer edge of the rectangle, the whole exterior wall disapears.

Without seeing your file it’s hard to say but I’m going to have to guess you’ve missed or added a step.

In the video Alex hasn’t grouped the wall geometry yet.

That’s only a link to the online viewer. Please do as I directed and share the actual SketchUp file.

one more time please, do i need to download a sketchup exc file onto my pc in order to download and then upload skp files? if i do, then where do i find this? sorry i feel so amateur.

No. Just go to the menu button at the top left of the SketchUp window and click Download. Choose to download the .skp file.

8 Corfu, Capri.skp (76.6 KB)

OK. So you have not been following the tutorial to a T. You have grouped the geometry for the outer walls and the floor (which you’ve also given some thickness) and your inner walls and some other geometry are outside the group. Here I’ve separated them.

In the video tutorial the geometry is not grouped at 5:15. It’s still loose geometry. Probably the thing to do now is to explode the group so all of the geometry gets combined. Even better would be to go back to the beginning of the tutorial and start over with your model. Make sure you are following the steps correctly.

OH DEAR, lol, thank you. i supposse a bit of extra practice on the basics will be a good advantage in the long run.

i did not mean to add thickness to the outer walls. i used the off set tool then grouped.

i only added inside walls as i wanted to get on with the project - so have not grouped these further.

you suggest i start over - then i shall do this. thank you

Good luck.

thanks for the quick reply and onit solution. more than i expected. gratitude.

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You’re quite welcome. Out of curiosity, are you modeling your own house or just making something up on the fly?

i graduated as a fashion designer www.oshunboutiquegallery.com and now that i am grown up and 60, am growing my career as an interior designer. i have 4 grown sons. my twins, the youngest run www.oshunpropertyprojects.com. i am the self proclaimed layout designer and very good at it, due to my clothing pattern making skills and eye for design.
i need to work as i have NO PENSION and want to be slef employed too. i want to perfect a software as i have always done pencil from plan, but feel that i am not getting jobs becuase i lack sotware skills.

You really need to be learning and using SketchUp Pro, not SketchUp Free. First, SketchUp Free is not for the sort of thing you are using it for and second, the user interface is enough different that you would do better to be using Pro from the start.

Keep plugging away and you’ll get it.

will i be able to 3d render rooms and kitchens with free version and also use lumion?
i thought i would practice on the free version and when i have money then upgrading should be easy. these were my thoughts. first want to see how user friendly it is.