Can't make rectangle

Hi, I’m pretty new to the program but I’m having trouble with a project for university… i have to make a rectangle to create the floor of this grocery store but when i try to make it, it disappears, it’s like i can’t draw on the surface. More over, I did the floor but it just got deleted out of nowhere, maybe I made a mistake but now i’m not able anymore to create it and i tried everything…

Why don’t you share the file you’re having trouble with? I’m sure someone will find what’s wrong with it…

I wanted but i don’t know how, can you explain me please? because my file is too big to be uploaded

Upload it to a file sharing service such as Dropbox, or Google drive…;;…, post a link to it.

right, thank you!

Two things,
when you add a file it is best to add it to a new post or at least mention that you have edited it into the original post.

and your file is 232 mb which is very large, have you been purging unused things from the model as you go? If not do so and then upload the model.

If using a web version you can find a pure button on each of the relevant tabs, purge unused components and then purge unused material…
If using a desktop version there is a purge all button found in Window/Model info/Statistics.

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First thing - learn the basics of SketchUp - geometry, groups, components, tags.
Second - don’t import everything you find/like from 3D warehouse, search for low-poly models, or better, draw them yourself.

Make the walls a group (orient the faces correctly, with white outward)

Turn off all the tags, except for the wall.
For floor:

  • Right click > Make Group
  • Draw Rectangle
  • PushPull


Purge your model (from 232 MB to 74 MB)



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