I cannot create a window

I have been following the basic steps on the forum and tried a few of my own but no matter what i do i cannot create a window in my structure! i have created a rectangle, deleted the interior, used the push/pull tool, and a couple other experiments. please help! shipping container home (2).skp (180.7 KB)

Your file didn’t appear to attach. Try uploading again. If it’s over 4 mb in size then you’ll need to upload to google docs, dropbox, etc and post link here. Thx.

try it now

The “wall” is inside of a group. Are you double clicking to enter the group before you try to cut a hole in the wall?

I have not tried that, thank you aaron!

Also, you may want to consider making a group for each of your ‘contaners’…and also give your walls a thickness. This way, after you draw your rectangle for the window opening inside of the group, you can then use Push/Pull to move the opening through the wall.

So far your model has only infinitely thin walls, so pushpull isn’t needed. But @TheOnlyAaron is correct that you need to open the group for edit before drawing and deleting the window. Things isolated inside a group or component can’t be modified unless that group is open for editing.


how do you give the walls thickness? i am very new to this

Basically, offset your roof to the thickness you want for your walls. Then copy the remaining thickness (i used the modifer key (option/alt - which adds a little plus sign at the cursor) with the Move tool to make a copy. Then connect the corners to create the inner wall faces using the Line tool. Then re-draw your roof. And repeat for other buildings.

It would answer some of your questions if some time was spent at The Learning Center viewing Sketchup Fundamentals

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Shipping containers will often have corrugated walls which makes putting openings in them a little more tricky. I had done this one recently. If you go this route on the web version you can make a cube the size of the window opening and then place it partially through the wall and then intersect geometry and delete the opening part.
In SU versions with solid tools this is a little easier.

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