CAD file import into Sketchup

Is there anyone who could help me with a Sketchup file? I had everything rendered and some of the topography changed. Then, I deleted 1 line and it all got hosed.

Did you use groups and components to separate the geometry? do you have the backup file *.skb? Post your file so we can have a look.

Thank you! I don’t know how to separate the geometry. Let me see if I can post the file. This is all new to me. Looks like the file is too large to upload. Any other options?

I tried to download the skb file, but was not successful.

Post to dropbox or google drive and attach a link.

Are you saving to an online drive or to your local harddrive?

Hard drive and flash drive. I just uploaded the file to my google drive. Can I share that with you that way?

Can you send me your e-mail so I can share the file through the google drive?