Please can anyone help me change skp files to dwg?

So i usually do autocad plan views and use sketch up to 3d model.
This time i need to produce interior wall elevations in autocad. I thought i could export from sketch up to dwg file easily but the laptop is making a loud noise and the timer is on for a while. I’m now aware my file is big as i have used a lot of stuff in my model. Is there any way i can reduce the file size (i’ve purged). Some has said something about going through chrome to sketch up?? I would really appreciate the help if anyone can and happy to share the file.

Thank so much in advance!

Share the .skp file and let’s see what you’ve got.Maybe it can be cleaned up to make it so you can export the .dwg.

You could just set up your elevations as scenes in SketchUp and then use LayOut to show them or export the .dwg file from there.

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OK, just attempting to upload thanks for your quick response

maybe this will work:

Looking at your model now. First thing I see if that you have edges turned off in the style.You need those for the exports. There’s an awful lot of geometry to export with all of those components.
Screenshot - 5_6_2023 , 8_19_50 AM
Many exposed back faces that need to be corrected.

Lots of incorrect tag usage. ALL edges and faces should be untagged.
Screenshot - 5_6_2023 , 8_19_03 AM
Some stuff to purge. Fewer components than I was expecting.
Screenshot - 5_6_2023 , 8_21_52 AM
When I opened your file I noticed the section plane was visible. Turning that off would be a good idea. I also see that the geometry you’ve created is mostly loose, ungroupd stuff.

If you really need to export a .dwg from the SketchUp file, get rid of things like the plants that have large numbers of entities. Those are slowing down the process. The curvy furniture isn’t helping either.

I would suggest cleaning up the model before you try exporting. As before personally I’d use SketchUp and LAyOut to create the elevations even if you really must have .dwg files in the end.

Do you need the materials or do you just want the linework in your elevations?

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Thanks for your reply. I will work though the stuff mentioned. I know i’m not using sketchup totally correct and struggled with elements of it. appreciate the feedback

i just want the linework. I havent used layout yet but happy to learn if it’s easier

Unfortunately this is an all too common situation. Incorrect model management up front creates problems down the road. Really it’s the same as any other thing we might do.

LayOut is a good option for creating documents from your SketchUp model. The scenes you create to show the model are used as the views in the document. They maintain a dynamic link from the SketchUp model so when your model changes–moved plants, furniture changed out, etc. The views in the document can be updated directly.

When I get back from dropping my bride off at work I’ll set up an elevation in LayOut for you.

Thanks so much

Here’s an example elevation from LayOut. I deleted the plants to make it easier to render the viewport as Vector although depending on what you actually need to do with the elevations, you might not need to use Vector rendering. Raster rendering is faster. As you can see I’ve set a scale for the viewport. The paper size is set to A2 but you could select any other paper size you like.

Dimensions, labels, and other text could be added as well as perspective views of the model and/or images, tables, text files, etc.

You would probably get a lot out of going through the educational offerings at

This is great. I managed to export without doing layout (tried some of the things you suggested). But i will also try using layout as seems like it might be the way to go. Thanks!