Converting a SKP file to AUTOCAD file

Im having an issue in regards to converting a 3D image to an AUTOCAD file.

The file opens in Edrawings and RHINO ok though I cant grab dimensions from it in that format

Need help urggently

We can´t do anything without the file.

sorry here it is
850BD1.skp (196.1 KB)

Are you exporting a 2D DWG file from a Perspective view?

No I created a 3D drawing and wanted to export it to a friend overseas who uses Autocad.

Without listing all the dimensions manually I was hoping they could grab them from the sketch up drawing

Post the DWG.
I prefer to use DWG Trueview (free from Autodesk) to check DWG files when not at work.
Rhino can import SketchUp files directly (possibly not the latest version)
Trimble Connect (your Sketchup subscription includes a license) also includes a DWG viewer/editor.

When I export the SKP file from sketchup to a DWG file. I then open the file in rhino or e drawings (as I don’t have autocad) then I get to view it but I cannot get dimensions.

Do you need me to post the DWG file I exported from sketchup ?

This what I see when i Export to dwg on Autocad, I grouped the geometry on Sketchup before exporting. I also fixed reversed faces and fixed it so it is a solid.

What do you mean? I checked the dimensins on the exported dwg and they´re the same as on the skp file. Heres the dwg I exported.
850BD1.dwg (216.5 KB)

So before you exported it to a DWG did you have to make changes to read the dimensions in a DWG in autocad ?

So I have to group the geometry and fix it to solid before exporting to a DWG to read the dimensions ?

if you want to read the dimensions in a dwg, say, in autocad or rhino, you need to open the dwg, and use the dimension tool there.

Dimensions put in sketchup won’t export, only geometry. It’s the same the other way around.

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No, I just fixed the model, it wasn’t a solid, there were some gaps between the front cube and the rest of the geometry and some faces were reversed, if you change the style to monochrome you can see that some faces are white and some are blue/grayish. Then I grouped everything and exported it, I add dimensions on the sketchup file to be able to compare on autocad and the measurements were the same.

Not necessarily but it’s better to do it, specially if you want to 3D print it.

Guys, guys, just because someone posted two message doesn’t mean it requires two messages in return. you can easily put the content of multiple messages, adressed to multiple persons, in a single message. :wink:

So, I think there is a bit of mistranslation between all of us here.

“reading the dimensions” of a model has two meanings in english.

You see, in english (in Sketchup at least), dimensions are both the measurements of any given element, and the physical line with the measurement written on it.
But in french, and I’m pretty sure, in Spanish as well, it’s two separate words. dimensions refers to the measurements, while cotation refers to the line stuff.

You would say that a table has dimensions (measures) and a plan has dimensions on it (the lines).
I would say the table has dimensions, but the plan has cotations.

So, when you ask how to read dimensions, it creates a misunderstanding.

Do you wish to know the measurement of your elements ? Rhino or Autocad have (or likely have) a tool similar to the tape measurer. You can also use a simple line tool to know the length of a line.

Did you place line-dimensions in SU and wish to see them in rhino or Autocad ? see my previous message, they won’t export, only geometry. Therefore you’ll have to use Rhino’s / Autocad’s tool to redraw your line-dimensions.

I’m a beginner at sketchup. A friend asked me to drawing something up and send it to him in DWG format. Because the drawing has curves he wanted the DWG drawing as he could only open it in autocad.

My friend is overseas so I drew it up and just exported it to my desktop then emailed it.

He told me he couldn’t get the dimensions or measurements from the drawing so her I am asking if there’s something I have done wrong or need to do before exporting

Well, Then, I believe they are missing line-dimensions, but they’ll have to add them directly in their software.

Because the measurements are here since the file is not empty. By that I mean, as long as your file contains a line, you can measure it in whatever software.

But yeah, they won’t automatically appear on screen, they’ll have to add them using the native tool of their software.

The dwg file I shared here had dimensions that I added on sketchup. But if your friend knows how to use autocad he should be able to check the dimensions from the model you sent him.

When when you open the file in I posted in sketchup then export it to DWG format. Can you grad the dimensions off that in autocad as it is now ?

So for future drawings I do on SP is there anything I need to do to the drawing before I export it to DWG so they can use their tape measure to ready the measurements ?