Trouble with exporting 2D SKP to 2D DWG/CAD

Hi, I draft 2D floor plan. very simple. I’m trying to export as 2D CAD/DWG file. The exported file couldn’t open in CAD program and keep saying there is unknown error. Any one know what DWG export setting need be?

Share your .skp file so we can see what you’ve modeled.

Backyard.skp (202.3 KB)
Here it is

What do you get with this .dwg?
Backyard.dwg (234.4 KB)

Thank you,
I can open it in SketchUp as DWG. what is your DWG export setting?
Although, I can’t see anything in Illustrator though.

Sorry, I can see it in Illustrator

I set the Camera to Parallel Projection and the standard Top view. Then I used the 3D .dwg export.

Thank you. Is it matter which AutoCAD version for exporting?

I don’t know. By default I used Release 14

Screenshot - 5_16_2023 , 12_32_33 PM

Thank you so much! I’ll try that. Have a great day.

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It depends on what CAD application you are using to open the file. Autodesk has the free DWG TrueView application that can view any AutoCad version DWG files.