Converting SketchUp file to dwg

Hello Everyone, I’m a occasional user maybe once every 6 months. I need a file converted to dwg . I understand you have to have pro now to convert these files. Can anyone direct me to somehow find another way. I think it would be kind of crazy to pay $200 to convert one file. Thanks
Chimney cap.skp (54.5 KB)

Chimney cap.dwg (137.5 KB)

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Thanks , I really appreciate that I have been battling this for 2-3 weeks.

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Since this is just a hobby thing for you, hoping for the generosity of others is probably your best bet.

And you got pretty fast service, too.

how to convert skp file to dwg file…please help

File>Export. Choose 2D for a 2D .dwg file and choose the file type or 3D and choose the file type if you want a 3D .dwg.

Screenshot - 1_17_2020 , 8_47_49 PM

Screenshot - 1_17_2020 , 8_48_25 PM