Whats the best or no loss ways to export/ convert Sketchup Files to Solid Works and/ or other CAD formats?

Whats the best or no loss ways to export/ convert Sketchup Files to Solid Works and/ or other CAD formats?

For example whats a good way or file format to do so for people who use:

  • Solid Works (sending rough ideas of mine to someone for proper designing)
  • Fusion 360
  • Free CAD / Libre CAD

I’m new to the space and know folks in different maker groups who use different tools for different tasks.

I tend to explore libraries (esp Sketchup Warehouse) to find items of interest and then play with it - sometimes inside, or at times in one of the other ones based on community/ group preference.

Essentially being able to take “effort” from one format to another tool would help.

PS: Free is preferable :slight_smile:

If you figure it out, please share. It’s one of our biggest hassle with the software. We have a product-development-team that works with Sketchup at lightning speed and we have a “sheet-metal”-construction team that works in Solidworks to make what we come up with happen. We are constantly struggeling to import/export between the two programms.

The best way we have figured out so far is:

From Sketchup to Solidoworks:

  • Export to DGW (3d) → import in SolidWorks

From SolidWorks to Sketchup

  • Export to Step
  • Import in Rhino
  • Export to DWG
  • Import in Sketchup

This has the best results in terms of geometry / components so that you can actually work with it in Sketchup. I tried a million other ways but always come back to this one.

I presume you are doing this as a hobby. Some of those applications will import SketchUp files.

If you need to export as @napperkt shows, you’ll need to use Sketchup Pro or at least SketchUp Go. The free web version won’t give you those export options.

No free but effective in both directions

OBJ files :

  • from SketchUp to recent Blender version (3.1 or 3.2)
  • from Revit to Blender
  • from Formit (free version), not tested yet.

There is an option to split geometry as group. Objects, geometry and textures are nice. Not too much triangulation.

Muchos Gracias!

I’ll have to try some of the above suggestions in the coming week/ weekend to see how that plays out.

Will try and report back. Any tips welcome :slight_smile: