Conversion to dwg file

Hi there
Would anybody be able to help me convert the attached file to dwg format?
I only have the free version :cowboy_hat_face:

There’s no file attached.

hi Dave
thanks for replying so quickly!
I cant seem to upload it as it is 100M
any suggestions?

Upload the file to Drop Box and share the link.

What is it a model of and what sort of .dwg file do you need? 3D or 2D? How will it be used?


greetings for the day!
i would like to help you. please check PM for contact details.


Amanda according to your profile you are using SketchUp Free (Web). If that’s the case, you don’t have the ability to do what the OP is asking.
Screenshot - 2_10_2020 , 7_32_14 AM

Thanks Dave
I have uploaded the file as you suggested. It is a 3D measured survey of a house so I will need it in 3D to give to an architect

and thanks Amanda too!
I have the free version also - hence why I cant convert the file :frowning:

It’s processing now. I’ll send you a PM.

so good!!! thanks

FWIW, you ought to get in the habit of purging the unused stuff from your files. I did that and got this:
Screenshot - 2_10_2020 , 8_05_12 AM

That reduced the file size by nearly 78%.

Thanks - I will give that a try as have not come across that part of sketchup yet