Sketchup can't export to DWG as it kept showing not responding

I’m having trouble in exporting my sketchup file into dwg…

Requesting for help in exporting to DWG

Share the .skp file so we can see what you are working with. If the file is quite large, you may just need to be patient. Not Responding is normally shown while SketchUp is chugging away doing something strenuous.

Hi DaveR, thanks for the quick response!
Whr do I upload the file to? It’s my first time using this site

Assuming it’s not too large to upload you can just drag and drop the .skp file into your reply. Otherwise upload it to Drop Box and share the link.

Hi DaveR, here’s the file!

There’s a lot of detail there to export. I started an export and it’s running. I think you need to just be patient.

Are you using SketchUp 2017 Pro? (your profile says 2015 Pro.)

I’m going to let it run now and go cook breakfast for my family. We’ll see how long it takes.

Well, it completed. I saw a message I’ve not seen before.
Screenshot - 4_6_2020 , 11_25_24 AM

The dwg file is 387 Mb so it’s not surprising it would take a little time to export.

Yes it’s 2017.
Thanks Dave, lemme know how long did u took to successfully export it

It was less than 20 minutes to export.

I’m thinking you would do well to clean up your components. For example there are chairs with loads of unsoftened edges that are going to bulk out the file but not in a useful way.

You’ve got some Z-fighting which means there are overlapping faces which means there are probably edges that really aren’t needed but your model’s construction includes them.

Reversed faces ought to be repaired, too.

DaveR, would you mind helping me exporting all three levels? 'Cause my sketchup has been running for 2 hrs trying to export level 1

I could do it later but I have a paying project I need to do first.

Many thanks DaveR!!

Hey I’ve successfully exported everything into cad. Thanks for proving to me that my skethup was indeed running even though it shown not responding. Have a great day ahead! Stay safe! :slight_smile:

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