Unable to export to dwg sketchup pro 2017


i have been facing this issue and its quite irritating, so here is the thing, i am using sketchup pro 2017, and i am trying to export my model to 2d DWG to import it to autocad and work from there on,
so everytime i try exporting the program freezes and stops working, i tried with several computers, and sketchup pro 2016,
i went through discussions on this topic but none helped
i tried the following

  1. different laptops
  2. diferent sketchup versions
  3. I tried the Cleanup plugin
  4. changing the graphics to the integrated one
  5. restarted my system
  6. re installed sketchup

so please help

I would recommend posting a copy of the file tha you are having an issue with. That way, we can take a look. Otherwise, the best we can do is guess.

Hi there
thank you for your reply
I have uploaded the file here
have a look at it :slight_smile:

The file seems to be missing.

I uploaded it but it doest seem to be posting

here is a link for the model
i have uploaded it on sketchup warehouse cultural centre omarion

Are you using LayOut to export the 2D drawings?

no I am using sketchup pro 2017 ,
file > Export > 2D graphic > DWG

I downloaded your file and started exporting it. SketchUp is IMO not freezing but taking a very long time to export. I forgot to look at the statistics before exporting, but I suspect that some of your components (the glazing connectors, for instance) are unnecessarily high polygon and processing all the zillions of short hidden edges will take its time, I’ll let it run through the night and see what happens.

thank you for your reply
is there anyway to simplify the glazing connectors ?

It exported OK but it took almost 2 hours. The result is too large to post (almost 4 megabytes). Random 2D view. The Sketchup model is quite enormous for such a simple design, almost 3.5 million edges and 1.5 million faces.

hi there
thank you so much for this, its a relief that it can export it
but the thing is, taking that long is really bad, so do u know any extension or any other way to simplify those lines ?

I would suggest that you first go through the model and look for areas that can be simplified. Simplifying the model involves getting rid of unneeded stuff. Only you know exactly what is unneeded.

Why did you upload an Autosave of the model not the original SKP file?

It’s taking ages to open and display (because, I guess, the millions of edges).

I can see the loaded file, but not work on it yet - I seem to have downloaded it three or four times, each auto-opening in in SU 2018.

Now I have it open, I see that the complex faces of the building have many many multiple edges and faces. Each seems to be an individual group.

Could these not be simplified to a texture? Transparent, if you need it to show openings?

Or at least replace any identical groups with a component? I find there is rarely a use for a group where in most cases a component will do better.

Both Sketchup and AutoCad are liable to choke on so many millions of edges.

There seem to be three ‘spare’ copies of the basic building way off to the left in the view you get with Zoom Extents. Are they part of the model, or just spare copies adding to the edge and face count? And a loose object Group 165.

Why are the building axes not oriented with the buildings’ edges?

And why so many groups (over 50,000) compared with components (around 7000 instances, but only a few handfuls of different component definitions in the Component Browser?

Each section of a building face appears to be a group, and appears identical to many other groups - why aren’t they instances of a component, if you must have the elements solid, as opposed to a texture on a bigger face for the whole side of a building?

The model is slow and unresponsive to work with, and is slowing down my whole computer, not just Sketchup.

It could be drastically simplified, then the DWG export might work in a more reasonable time.

hi there
thank you so much for your reply
I have simplified my model as much as i could,
as you were talking about groups/components
what way can i use to simplify those further
, and please show me how did u get these information from the model so that i can learn how to look at such info and act upon it
here is another link i uploaded where i simplified my model from 1,330,000 polygons to 593,000 polygons … I know it can go much much lower than that
cheers :slight_smile:

cultural 3

Window/Model info/Statistics for the whole model.

IF you have made components (but you don’t see Groups) in the components window: Select a component, then click the tab [Statistics]
for example, for your trees:

You have simplified the building facades, which is good. You could go further and replace all 34 groups like the one highlighted in the image below by one component definition and 34 instances - won’t make any difference to the edge count, but makes any modifications you want to make easier, as you only need to edit one to change all the others.

It’s also good practice to name your components meaningfully, and to define names for Group instances - just makes it easier to know what is what in the model, particularly in the component browser.

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