Export to DWG

HI ALL, im trying to export a SketchUp model to dwg after taking away as much lines and faces as i can, i still keep having the programme freeze and say not responding. i am not sure wether its my pc or something. i need to do this asap as i have my university hand in tomorrow :frowning:

How big exactly is your model (edges/faces, components included)? Are you exporting the model or a 2D drawing? How long have you let the export run? With a big model it is not unheard of for it to take hours.

hi thanks for the reply. the sketchup file is 23,881 kb i cant see faces and edges as its currently not responding.

268618 EDGES AND 485strong text24 FACES AFTER PURGED. THANKS

That’s not a particularly large file, or edge count, unless you have a low-powered PC.

If you upload it to a file sharing service such as Dropbox, OneDrive or WeTransfer, make sure it is shareable, and provide a link here, someone may be able to try the export for you.

What sort of DWG output do you want - 2D or 3D? (Asked earlier, but you haven’t answered the question yet).