Exporting 2D DWG Model - SketchUp not responding on SU Pro 2022

Hello, I have a big problem regarding SketchUp not responding whenever i try to export my 3D model to 2D DWG. My model has 15M Edges, 7M Faces, 19K Component Instances. I’m using SketchUp Pro 2022, and running on a high-end laptop. Anyone who can help me? I need to export this badly as soon as possible.

15 milion edges … How long did you wait for the export without clicking on the screen?

I tried this last night, and it took me 3 hours and nothing happened, no export done. I tried to export it a while ago, and about an hour, and still got nothing. Any advice?

Purge the model, clean up, if is the case, change high-poly models imported from 3D Warehouse with low-poly models, etc… but it depends on how you created your model, what it contains and what exactly you want to get by exporting it as a 2D dwg file.

Without seeing the model, I guess that the problem is with all the 3D Warehouse entourage junk. I don’t know any uses for 2D DWG exports where all that needs to be present. Typically, electric or HVAC consultants only need a clean floor plan with no frills. Hide everything non-essential.